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If you enjoy researching product and service solutions then partnering with GetAQuote could be your ticket to a great way to make a living. We are looking for detailed oriented individuals with good writing and verbal communication skills. Telecommute from home / office. Work is assigned on a contract basis to perform the following tasks...

  1. Research product / service solutions that best address the buyer's needs.
  2. Find and qualify vendors
  3. Communicate client's needs with vendors.
  4. Act as a go between for vendor | client questions.
  5. Collect price quotes / estimates.
  6. Summarize vendor offerings and price quotes in a comparison report


If you would like to be considered for GetAQuote Research contract work, send us an e-mail with your information and format the e-mail in the following manner.

  1. E-mail To:
  2. E-mail Subject: Research Partner App
  3. E-mail Message: One to two paragraphs summarizing your areas of expertise, relevant experience and or skills/strengths. You may(not required) include up to 3 links to online information, i.e. linkedin profile, online resume, etc.
  4. E-mail Attachment: Attach a copy of your resume - .pdf File Only
    TIP: Save / Print all other file formats as a .pdf before attaching to e-mail
We will typically followup with a response to your e-mail within one to five business days.