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Our free local contact / referral service offers buyers a quick and easy way to request pricing information from local businesses.

We are debuting our free service in the Tampa Bay area. You can view the local request categories listed on GetAQuote's home page.

How It Works
Select a category that matches your purchase interests then select local businesses you would like to request pricing information from. Next, cluck on the GetAQuote button to complete a short questionnaire. Upon submitting your price request, we will attempt to contact those businesses you selected and forward your request to their sales department. A sales representative from the company(ies) you selected will contact you directly to provide you with pricing information.
NOTE: While our free service attempts to put you in contact with the appropriate representatives of those companies you select, we do not guarantee delivery of your request and or that you will receive a response. See our Terms Of Use.


We assist busy executives responsible for budgeting, purchasing and outsourcing. Our research service focuses on finding qualified sellers, communicating the buyer's purchase criteria and collecting relevant price quotes.


Cliff Thomasset is the Founder and Chief Operations Officer for He is responsible for developing and managing strategic business partnerships for the company.

Cliff's previous experience includes owning and operating a full service ad agency for 8+ years. His agency promoted and purchased media for 100s of consumer sporting goods shows. In addition, Cliff developed and operated several lead generation networks that focused on promoting the services of both boutique and large corporate marketing firms.